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Richard Parks

Helping Hands

Gone Racin'

 I'm really busy helping Hila Sweet put on the car racers reunion at Victorville on April 7th.  Fred, Glenn Laabs, Don Edwards, Jack Mendenhall and Paula Murphy are coming down to the reunion.  Then there is the articles that I have been writing.  I've got Drive Magazine interested in them as well as Cruisin' News.  The Alternate, Automotive Calendar of Events, and Roddin' & Racin' have already published some of my stories.
I'm trying to get a website up so that I can just put my articles there and not worry whether the magazines want them or not.  If you want any of them for www.oilstick.com, just let me know and I'll email them to you by attachment.
So I am pretty busy on this computer, as you predicted that I would be, when I learned how to use it.  I started the first of March.  My father (Wally Parks) is also trying, .  Don Edwards promised to use it so that we could send email instead of wasting so much time by calling, but he has resisted doing so.   He calls me and I email him.  Take care, write soon.
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(I uploaded the articles and they are called gone racin' and helping hands. Evey Roth)


42nd Winternationals        and AK Miller