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Leo Dempsey recently had a stroke and is in the hospital. His speech is impaired but he is mak-
  ing progress towards recovery.  Bob Martin recently underwent surgery to remove a tumor in
  the brain, and is doing well in recovery.  The doctors changed his medications and he is doing
  much better.  Bob Webb had a heart transplant and all reports are that he is doing very well,
  although total recovery time takes some time.  Neil Thompson had triple bypass surgery and a
  heart valve replacement, and after a rocky start, is now well into recovery.  Dyno Don
  Nicholson passed away.  Nicholson was a dry lakes racer from the 1940's, and then competed
  in all types of motorsports racing. Bob Sights of the Gear Grinders saw Bob Webb yesterday,
  and he is looking good and doing well after his heart transplant. Webb visited Jack's Garage and
  saw Jack Underwood and the local Donut Derelict guys.  Al Teague has had gall bladder
  surgery.  Wes Hutchens is still undergoing tests.  Joe Thompson of the Lakers has been in the
  hospital about a week and a half after open heart surgery and a stroke.
*A misguided attempt to reduce dependence on foreign oil and improve air quality, legislation has
  been introduced in the Vermont House of Representatives, to establish a progressive registra-
  tion surcharge for motor vehicles registered at the pleasure car rate that achieve fewer than 20
  miles per gallon.  For example, this surcharge would amount to $160 annually for vehicles with an
  EPA rating of less than 15 miles per gallon.  If this effort is successful, the effects on your ability
  to purchase the vehicle of your choice, not to mention vehicle safety, will be dramatic. Vermont
  House Bill 736.  (Jason Tolleson/SEMA)
*USAC/CRA POINT STANDINGS: Cory Kruseman - 131, Damion Gardner -130, Danny
  Sheridan - 105, Mike Spencer - 102, Jesse Hockett - 97, Rip Williams - 84, J. Hicks - 72, 
  Mike Kirby - 69, David Cardey - 64, Blake Miller - 55.  (Scott Daloisio and Kim Donner)
*Looking for the Balchowsky/Vogel HotRod RoadsterHop Up Magazine cover car. Body
  work by Jimmy Summers. Began road racing in ’52, competing against European sports cars.
  Channeled with v-windshield, modified grille. Ran LaSalle flathead, Olds, Cad & Buick engines.
  STILL Missing.  Contact www.hotrodhotline.com  (Jack Lawford)
*House Bill 4307 that would amend the state’s current law governing antique motor vehicles to
  permit their use on Friday evenings was passed by the West Virginia House of Representatives. 
  Under current West Virginia law, use of antique  vehicles is strictly limited to club activities, ex-
  hibits, tours, parades, testing, obtaining repairs and for recreational purposes only on Saturdays,
  Sundays and holidays.  The bill now moves to the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure
  Committee for consideration.   (Jason Tolleson)
*The American Hot Rod Foundation teamed up with the Jalopy Journal (jalopyjournal.com)
  to bring you their Ask the Expert.  Hot rodders can now interact with these pioneers.  To meet
  people like Ed Iskenderian, John Ryan, Jim Wangers and Arnie "the Farmer" Beswick,
  go to http://www.ahrf.com/questions.php. Each month there are 12 hot rod pioneers you can ask
  a question. You type the question and we call up the pioneer you have chosen and record their
  answer. Then we post the answer on the web site for you to hear.  Our photo gallery is growing.
  There is a great collection from Roger Morrison featuring early pictures of the 303 Bell Engine
  Crankshaft Special.  Also we continue to put up hundreds of Tony Nancy’s photos.  We have
  Julian Doty’s photos from the early dry lakes and Bonneville.  Mario Baffico photos of the
  Oakland Roadster Show in the 50’s.  Our first documentary should be available by June.  It is on
  the birth of drag racing and will feature hundreds of never-before-seen photos and early film foot-
  age.  It will star Wally Parks, C.J. Hart, Tony Nancy, Fred Larsen and many more. We have
  yet to decide on a title for the film, so we’ll run a little competition. Mail in your suggestions for a
  title and if we use it you will receive 3 free DVDs, and we’ll give you a credit.  Henry Astor, The
  American Hot Rod Foundation, 325 Lafayette Street, #4, New York, NY 10012.  Or go to
*Dirt Late Model racing in Australia, Feb 18, Northam Motorsports Park hosts the 2006 Late
  Model Masters race. The race will be webcast over the internet at the popular Sprint Car World
  website and will be hosted by Rick Gilmour, Brad ‘Fat Rat’ Steele and Brian ‘Bear’
  and http://www.ozlatemodel.com.   (Doc Lehman)
*The airing of the 1st Annual MOPAR/PRI Sprint & Midget Classic will be re-broadcast on 12
  March 2006, at 12:30 p.m. EST/9:30 a.m. PST, on ESPN2.  Meredith Kaplan Burns, Managing
  Editor, Performance Racing Industry, 31706 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  or MeredithB@performanceracing.com  Phone 949-499-5413 x3016  (Doug Stokes)
*The Final Top Ten Drivers in the DART Machinery Winternationals Points were: 1. Dennis
  Erb Jr, 2. Donnie Moran, 3. Earl Pearson Jr, 4. Billy Moyer, 5. Steve Francis, 6. Matt Miller, 7.     
  Rick Eckert, 8. Tim McCreadie, 9. Doug Horton, 10. Don O’Neal.  (Dustin Jarrett)
*Perris Auto Speedway, Lake Perris, CA point standings: Late Models-Ron Bartels 60, Al
  Purkey 57, Billy Griffin 54, Devin Crockett 51, Chad Jones 48.  Super Stocks-Linney White 60,   
  Mark Shackleford 57, Scott Dodd 54, John Caley 51, Ed Perry 48.    Street Stocks-Henry
  Wesolowski Sr 60, Joe Shuagis 57, Don Zoll Sr 54, Jim Coates 51, Jim Pierce 48.   Sports
  Compacts- Rick Hinkle 60, Mike Hudson 57, Tom Hess  54, Dave Yungen 51, Kris Carnish
  48.   Pick-A-Part Cruisers-Lagor/Connelly 60, Merritt/Meyer 57, Martin/Hunsaker 54, Allen/
  Ramsey 51, Talkington/Lewis 48.   (Scott Daloisio and Kim Donner)
*Feb 25, Lee Raskin, author of James Dean at Speed, will appear at Autobooks/Aerobooks
  in Burbank, CA, to talk about his book and sign autographs. Raskin is a noted author and expert
  on Porsche's.  (Doug Stokes)
*All Star Circuit of Champions added The Raceway at PowerCom Park in Beaver Dam,Wisc
  on June 14, and the Red River Valley Speedway in Fargo, ND, June 16-17.       Season point
  standings: Jason Solwold 167, Greg Wilson 163, Greg Hodnett 163, Lance Dewease 162,
  Chad Blonde 153, Brock Mayes 152, Paul May 151, Jeremy Campbell 149, Danny Smith 146,
  Spud Gustin 142.  See www.allstarsprint.com or contact info@allstarsprint.com.
*H.B. 1176 to create a statutory titling and registration class for kit cars and exempt these cars
  from Colorado’s emissions inspection program will be considered by the House Transportation
  and Energy Committee on February 23.  (Jason Tolleson)