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*Thursday, December 15, at around 5:30 PM, Ak Miller passed away.  Many family and friends
  found time to stop in and have one last visit with Ak before he died.  Pages can be written about
  Ak but I would like to simply focus on our memories from his "Roast"/Tribute not so long ago at
  the Wally Park's Motorsports Museum in Pomona.  We should all be so lucky to have such a
  wonderful gathering of friends before we pass away.  Ak will always be remembered as the
  "Ultimate Hot Rodder" and we will all miss him but find comfort in knowing he is in a much
  better place now.  There are no plans for a memorial service as this would be redundant to the
  event at the Museum. His ashes will be scattered at Bonneville, Baja, and Pike's Peak.Regards,
  Charles Rollins & Joann Brock.  Look for an upcoming story on Ak's induction into the
  ORMSHOF this last summer and a brief recap of his tribute at the NHRA Museum.  See
  www.Bench-Racing.com   (Charles Rollins)
*Will Scott (Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club/SCTA) was scheduled for open heart
  surgery, on Dec 15, at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, CA.  He went in to the doctor for a
  check up and was given tests.  Angiogram changed to open heart surgery.  (Evelyn Roth)
*I just got a call from Bob Webb, starting to sound like his old self, says to tell everyone hello and
  thanks again.  He should be home mid next week.  He is really feeling and sounding good, says
  Navy food was better.  Still cannot recieve phone calls, Glen Barrett.  (Becca Livingston)
*Today (December 15th) I went down and waited around for Will Scott (Gold Coast Roadster
  and Racing Club/SCTA) to come back into the world. He did. Tubes removed on schedule. He
  had trouble talking, but looks great.  Pain is not a stranger to him.  His cholesterol has always
  been good.  Hopefully he will be home around the first of the week.  (Evelyn Roth)
*Shav Glick, sportswriter/editor, has retired from the Los Angeles Times.  He felt the time was
  right, at age 85, to retire.  The Times, owned by the Tribune Company, offered their employees a
  buy-out and Shav states that he was not forced out, as the internet articles have been suggesting. 
  We wish Shav a well earned rest after supporting our car culture in California for half a century.
*Replacing Shav Glick, from LA Observed. Car racing has a long history in the Los Angeles
  area. Legendary driver Barney Oldfield lived and raced on Wilshire Boulevard and drove on
  the speedway that stood where the Beverly Wilshire and Barney's New York are today. So Cal
  kids grew up tinkering with engines and racing on streets and at strips all over the place. Shav
  Glick is an 85-year-old L.A. Times sportswriter who covered so much of that racing lore and
  the national scene that the Pomona drag strip's press room is named for him, the California
  Speedway in Fontana presents an annual Shav Glick Award, and he's been inducted in some
  racing halls of fame. Glick worked for 55 years at the Times and its former sister paper the
  Mirror, and took the recent buyout offer. (Whether he was encouraged like some other older
  staffers I don't know, but Glick did tell some retirees recently, "I don't look at it as me leaving
  the L.A. Times; I see it as the Times leaving me." His last day is January 16. Glick's replacement
  on the auto racing beat is Jim Peltz, a reporter in the Business section. The memo follows:
                                     To: The Staff, From: Bill Dwyre, Sports Editor
  Jim Peltz, a business writer at The Times the past 18 years, will move to the Sports Department,
  effective Jan. 9, and become the paper's motorsports writer. Peltz will replace a Times legend,
  Shav Glick, who covered racing here for a large portion of his 55 years as a reporter for the old
  Mirror and The Times. Glick, 85, took a voluntary separation package and will leave the paper
  Jan. 16.  Peltz, who covers a wide range of business and financial topics, will bring a unique
  financial expertise to the coverage of a motorsports industry that has taken an increasing share of
  the sports world's consumer dollar in the last 10 years. The motorsports beat is one that demands
  the ability to understand and write about athletes and celebrities, as well as technical and financial
  elements, all things Peltz is nicely qualified to handle.  Peltz, a 1976 graduate of UCLA in English,
  with a master's degree in journalism from the University of Colorado in 1978, joined The Times
  in 1987 as a business writer in the Valley edition and moved to the main business staff in 1993.
  Prior to joining The Times, he spent eight years as a national business writer for the Associated
  Press in New York City.  (sent in by Doug Stokes stokes28@earthlink.net)
*Grand National Roadster Show tickets are available at Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports
  Museum.  This includes discounted Museum admission, the GNRS admission and the opening of
  the new SO-CAL exhibit 60 Years of SO-CAL Speed, running from Jan 20-Apr 9.  The GNRS
  will be at the Fairplex from Jan 20-22, 2006, in Pomona. Designer Chip Foose, Mike Lavallee
  of Killer Paint and the voice of Discovery Channel's Monster Garage, "The Big Schwag," will be
  at the show.  America's Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) is the title award and nine-foot-tall
  trophy given at the show.  "We're pleased to welcome the oldest running hot rod show back to
  our home," said Greg Sharp, curator of the Museum. There will be special events, including an
  opening day autograph session with Xydias and Chapouris from the So-Cal Speed Shop.  For
  more info call Rose Dickinson 909-622-2757 or visit http://museum.nhra.com.  For the GNRS
  call 877-763-7469 or visit http://www.hotrodshows.com.  (Michael Hollander)
*Safety innovator Robert Falcon of Temple City received a Pioneer in Racing award from the
  AARWBA for inventing and developing the Shoehorn Rapid Extraction device, used to remove
  drivers from crashed race cars without aggravating possible spinal injuries.  (December 16, 2006
  LA Times Motorsports column by Shav Glick)
*My successor will be James Peltz of the business section.  He has worked with me on several
  stories in the past involving business deals in motor sports.  He is also an avid NASCAR fan.
  Shav Glick.  (via Doug Stokes)
*Ryan Partridge, 17 year old grandson of Bernie Partridge, and son of John Partridge, won
  the California State PRO championship in the INEX Legends cars. Ryan will be at the Lowes
  Motor Speedway on January 21, 2006, to receive this prestigious award.  Ryan ran 28 races this
  racing season, winning 8 times.  20 times he ran third or better, and 23 times he was in the top 5
  spots, for an exceptional efficiency rate.  In the 2006 racing season, Ryan will drive for A&R
  Motorsports, a very well funded team, in the Late Models division at Irwindale Speedway.  He
  will also race at The Bullring in Las Vegas and in a limited schedule in the AutoZone WEST
  series events.  (John Partridge)
*Engineer Remi Lanteigne has joined Andersen Walko Racing for the 2006 Star Mazda Season.
  The Formula Car team is based out of Fairfield, NJ.  (Linda K. Mansfield)
*1st Annual Team USA Speedway Testimonial, January 28-29, 2006, in Long Beach, CA,
  will take place aboard the historic RMS Queen Mary ocean liner and will honor several of the
  greatest American riders in the history of motorcycle speedway racing.  The Team USA Speed-
  way Testimonial will be a fund-raiser to defray the cost of participation by American teams in the
  2006 Speedway World Cup and Junior Speedway World Championships.  System Edström of
  Sweden is the event sponsor and a primary sponsor of America’s only current Grand Prix rider,
  1997 World Champion Greg Hancock.  Hancock is currently ranked #5 in the world and will
  be one of the honorees.  The inaugural Team USA Testimonial is sanctioned by the American
  Motorcyclist Association.  On Sunday, January 29, a lavish brunch and Honoree Ceremony will
  recognizing the six American Speedway greats who have won Federation Internationale de Moto-
  cyclisme (FIM) individual world championships, followed by a memorabilia auction.  For more
  information on this event see www.heartlandmedia.info, teamusaspeedway@yahoo.com, and  
  www.SystemEdstrom.com.  (Harald "Howie" Zechner, Irwindale Speedway Videos)
*Sept 15-16, West Capital Raceway Alumni (WCRA) will present the All American Vintage
  Classic at the Roseville Speedway (All American Speedway). Entries have been received from
  Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and California. 100 cars from the 1920's to the 1970's
  are expected. These vintage cars will put on an outstanding show. On Saturday the WCRA will
  be inducting 6 people into the West Capital Hall of Fame with a great BBQ put on by the Back
  Forty. Tickets are on sale now. To enter a vintage race car or for more details call 916-944-1443 
  or email narchampion@yahoo.com.  (Brenda Anderson)
*Shav Glick, on taking the 2005 buyout, after 51 consecutive years at Times Mirror newspapers
  (eight at the Los Angeles Mirror and then 43 at the Los Angeles Times): "I don't look at it as
  me leaving the L.A. Times; I see it as the Times leaving me."  (Deke Houlgate)
*Jan 1 Dirt Late Model team of Jason & Kristin Flory of Creston, Ohio, will appear on Dirt
  Racers Radio.  Jason Flory was 2nd in points in 2005 at the highly competitive KC Raceway in
  Chillicothe, Ohio, while Kristin Flory finished second in points at Lakeville Speedway in Lakeville,
  Ohio. Jason Flory also competes in a wide array of special sanctioned events in the Midwest and
  east coast with MACS, World of Outlaws Late Model Series, UMP, Lucas Oil Late Model
  Series and Sunoco ALMS.  Both have competed together in special events like the Dirt Track
  World Championship and Big 4 Series. Dirt Racers Radio airs every Sunday evening on WQKT
  104.5 FM from 6–8PM. The show, hosted by Doc Lehman & Ryan Pearson, can also be
  heard over the internet at: www.wqkt.com (Doc Lehman)
*Racing 4 KidsR Hitman Funny Car T.  See; http://groups.msn.com/BMRACING/shoebox.msnw,
  http://www.nhra.com/streetlegal/funfacts.html, www.nitroproductions.com/gallery/ngk2.jpg,
  http://www.reveal.ca/60smotorsports/racing4kids.html. Bob Meek, NitroProductions
  Business Manager/Driver, Calgary, Canada   403-312-6901 
*The current issue of Calabasas; Life at its Best (Magazine  #6) has an article on the two years
  of racing at Paramount Ranch with remarks from Ruth Levy, Pete Vanlaw, Dan Gurney and
  Cy Yedor, along with my photographs.  (Allen R. Kuhn)
*Jan 1, New Year's Day fun run taking place in Orange County. This will be the 3rd Annual Tour
  d'Orange and all cars are invited. Go to www.bench-racing.com and click on Event Calendar for
  all the details. See http://www.bench-racing.com/html/event_calendar.html    (Charles Rollins)
*Grand Am Champs Wayne Taylor and Max Angelelli, NASCAR’s Kenny Schrader were
  on the SpeedFreaks show last December 17.  They have new times; Saturday's 8:30pm Pst,
  11:30pm Est, replayed on Tuesday's at 7:30am Est.  See www.speedtv.com/programs/219/,
*We warmly remember our weeks on the Black Rock Desert eight years ago.  We'll miss Jack
  Mendenhall.  In late September, we visited with Ron Christensen in Salt Lake City on our
  way to Ariz. and N.M.  Do you know Ron?  He announces most of the salt flats events on 1610
  kHz and has done some racing himself.  In 1996, he helped Craig Breedlove quite a bit with
  graphic designs and such.  He wasn't able to be in Gerlach very long in 1997 because his first
  wife was dying of cancer.  In the fall of 2004, Ron spent several months working with the movie
  crew for "The World's Fastest Indian" in Wendover.  He grew up in Wendover and he made
  sure that they got the look of the town, timing stand, and period cars correct.  See the movie
  Web site: http://www.worldsfastestindian.com/   I think the movie was released last week in Los
  Angeles, at the AMC Century City, in order to qualify for the Oscars.  But general release in the
  USA will not be until Feb 2006.  (Charley & Jean Shaffer, Seattle)
*Gear Grinders/SCTA News: Neil Thompson is in the hospital for a triple by-pass and valve re-
  placement.  Dana Wilson broke the C2 vertebrae in his neck, has a skull fracture, and is in a
  neck brace but he can walk.  George Callaway has had knee surgery to replace a knee joint. 
  John Rush is now home from the convalescent home and can walk.  Doug McLeish has a
  brand new granddaughter.  Awards Banquet is 11 March 2006, at Joe's Garage in Tustin, CA.
  New Gear Grinders officers for 2006: President-Bob Webb, Vice President-Bob Sights, Sec-
  retary-Becca Livingston, Treasurer-Cathy Butler, Sergeant at Arms-Bob Chilson.   Jim
  Kitasaki was voted in as a new member.  2006 SCTA El Mirage Race Dates: May 6-7, Jun
  11, Jul 16, Sept 10, Oct 22, Nov 11-12.  2006 SCTA/BNI Bonneville Speedweek: Aug 12-
  18, 2006.  2006 SCTA/BNI Bonneville World Finals: Oct 11-14, 2006.
*Chad Kemenah was crowned Champion of the All Star Circuit of Champions for the 4th cons-
  ecutive year, at 2005 Awards Banquet.  The All Stars will start off the 2006 season at Volusia
  County Speedway in Barberville, FL (Daytona) on Feb. 7-8, and 11-12.  For more information
  see www.volusiaspeedwaypark.comGuy Webb announced that the All Star series has not
  been sold as some internet rumors that had been circulating have stated.  He has teamed up with
  Indiana businessman Glynn Barber and Michigan based businessman Mike Bowen to form a
  company that will be involved in land acquisitions that will include several dirt tracks around the
  country.  The model for these acquisitions is not to run these tracks under the All Star banner,
  but instead to put capable teams in place to promote these facilities and handle the day to day
  operations, while running weekly racing programs and special events.  Guy Webb welcomed
  back Wayne County Speedway to the Speedweek schedule for next year.  The 2006 schedule
  currently has 46 dates and the goal is to have 60 dates.  The Hard Charger award went to Paul
  May.  Rookie of the Year award went to Cody Geldart.  The Crew Chief of the Year award
  went to Danny Smith.  See www.allstarsprint.com   (Bryan Autullo)
*Federal Scrappage Program: In August 2005, the SAN celebrated the fact that it had once again
  convinced lawmakers to prohibit the use of federal monies to fund motor vehicle scrappage pro-
  grams. The latest victory came as Congress completed work on legislation to fund highway cons-
  truction through fiscal 2009. President Bush signed the $286.5 billion bill into law.  The U.S.
  Department of Transportation had proposed funding state and local scrappage programs through
  one of the highway programs but the SAN was able to convince leaders in the U.S. Senate and
  House of Representatives that these programs are not cost effective. Meanwhile, the unnecessary
  removal of vehicle parts from the marketplace poses a threat to car enthusiasts and the restoration
  industry. (SEMA)
*Roadless Rule: The Bush Administration issued a final rule allowing states to petition the Forest
  Service to open areas previously closed under the Clinton Administration's so-called roadless rule. 
  The new rule establishes a process for considering state recommendations on which roadless
  areas should remain closed and which should be opened to logging, mining or other commercial
  ventures.  The revision is consistent with the SAN's position that state government and local
  communities should participate in forest management decisions. The rule covers nearly 58.5 million
  acres of national forests and grasslands, mostly in western states. (SEMA)