Santa Maria Museum of Flight, 3015 Airpark Drive, Santa Maria, CA 93455 Hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Telephone 805-922-8758  Email:

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Oilstick Home

Santa Maria Museum of Flight located at the Santa Maria Airport hosted a Car Show and Open House on May 15, 2004. 

The museum occupies two hangars, the entrance is in our Early Aviation Building, a replica of a late 30's airport hangar.  Actually it was originally a movie set building used in the film "The Rocketeer" filmed at the Santa Maria Airport.  In this building you will walk back into the early days of aviation, with special attention to Santa Maria's role.

On display here are historical aviation photos and exhibits.  Included are events such as the filming of some departure scenes shot at Santa Maria's Hancock Field for the "Spirit of St. Louis", starring James Stewart.  An area is dedicated to Allan Hancock's training program for pilots before and during World War II at his College of Aeronautics, sometimes referred to by locals at "The West Point of Air".

Aircraft on Display include a Fleet biplane, typical of the training aircraft at Hancock Field during the 30's.  Also a replica of the 1902 Wright Glider which was used in an early flying film shot in the area.  Here too you will find the famous Topping Collection of miniature model aircraft dioramas, depicting the progress of aircraft design from the Wright Flyer to the Lunar Lander "Eagle".

Don't miss the gift shop where a large selection of fine aviation-related gifts and souvenirs are on sale. 

The museum offers special group tours by appointment.  We especially invite school classes to visit and learn about local aviation history.  Call us to set up a tour.

The Early Aviation Hangar facility is available to serve as a memorable location for special meetings or celebrations.  Speak with our Director for details and scheduling.