SLO Car Show - Early morning August 2001
Oilstick Home

While many of you were just getting around in the morning on Saturday the car show was busy getting ready for the visitors.  These are a few of the shots of what happens at 7 AM.  Many had driven in from distances, then cleaned the cars again when they arrived.  We enjoy the cars but, it is nice to have the photos of who owns the cars and puts all the work into them so that we have a beautiful piece of machinery to look at and ooh and ahh over it.  Thank you all for being a good sport with the camera and myself.  You make it all worth while and many thanks to all of you.  Evey Roth  Email:

Gregg was one busy man keeping the vendors happy.  Good job Gregg!

Arne's "aebleskiver"  was busy setting up his outdoor kitchen to make the show goers happy with the delectable morsels of aebleskiver with powdered sugar and jam running over the top and finally down our chins.

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