Where abouts of the late Buzz Coats  12/13/04

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My name is Spike Morelli and about a year ago I
purchased the 1965 Stevens flatbottom "MORTICIAN".
This boat was raced by the late Buzz Coats and held
five world records between 1965 and 1967.  I am
currently trying to find out if anyone knows the
whereabouts of Buzz's wife and, or daughters.  Also, I
would very much like to know if anyone knows where
Buzz's former two partners in this boat might be.
Their names are Tom Morgan and Bill Clark.
I am guessing that Buzz's former wife and partners
would be in their late 60's.
Buzz Coats died in 1967 in a dragboat flip (not in the
Stevens flatbottom).  Buzz and his family lived in Los
Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley during this time,
as did his two partners, Tom and Bill.
I am restoring his flatbottom "MORTICIAN" as
faithfully as possible as a tribute to quarter mile
racing in the sixties, as well as a tribute to it's
owner.  Any help would be vastly appreciated.
Spike Morelli

  EMail:     skippyandeeyore   and add  @sbcglobal.net 
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