BMW Party

Party at Pork Palace Catered by JR Catering.


JR Catering had his friends of the BMW Club meet at the Pork Palace for a delicious meal.  

The Jones Ranch has the local signs of the area that are replaced or have ceased to exist.  It has a wonderful theatre and stage, plenty of parking, decorated with the signs of the area that are replaced or gone out of business.  A lot of history and just fun.

JR will give you the wonderful meals that you would be proud to serve your guests. Call JR 805-688-00

Our friends and neighbors.

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Food was served and 3 tables were enjoying themselves.

What's this someone checking out the food?

What's  a late comer?  Welcome Always Plenty when JR caters.

And she hurries to find her friends.

BMW's visiting the Pork Palace with JR's Catering.  Another wonderful meal and fun in Buellton area.

Thanks for visiting.  Join us again.  JR's Catering   Home to oilstick