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Saturday, 11/18/00 We met at Jack Mendenhall's Gasoline museum in Buellton, CA.  The pictures that are displayed here are the snap-shot photo album of our tour. 

Those that attended were  Putman, Walker,  Lowe,  Bettencourt, Joe Quisiecia (I think that I murdered this one so bad I had to give you a first name - I apologize),  Bloch, Henry,  Garrisin,  Helms,  Biscay, Dupras,  and  Kruger.  (I know that I have names wrong,  please email with the correction - Thank you for being so gracious with those smiles.  Evey)

This is our fearless leader with Jack Mendenhall who guided us through the wonderful array of gasoline memorabilia.  Gas pumps, all the interesting things that the gas station used to do for us.  Signs that dotted our highways through out the US before and since the states highway crew took over the responsibility.  Join us through the look of time and enjoy our snap shots of just enjoying our Saturday driving our cars, etc.

Getting started in the church